Thursday, 15 November 2018

CO2 Cars 2018

First step in making our Co2 cars, is learning how to use our equipment safely and sensibly.  The number one lesson is how to use a craft knife.  Practice begins with the challenge of: CARROT CARS! 2 kebab sticks, 1 carrot. Can you make a car with turning wheels?

Next is the designing and shaping of the cars.  The children decide whether to enter the best looking catergory or the fastest car.  Each car can be judged on both.

Best looking means you can add however many bits you like.  Maybe like this for instance...

The other trophy up for grabs is the Fastest Car.  This means the design must be slick and low and super areodynamic.  Maybe a bit like this....

Here are some photos of our cars getting ready to race!

Other stuff!

Celebrating Authors We Love!

Watch out for the Jacqueline Wilson activity table coming soon!

We welcomed Spring Time.

Our spring flower display started like this.  However, with a few very clever kids our 'Welcome Spring' display very soon.....

Bones, Castles, The Dolls House and More!

Diwali - the festival of light!

Paper Toys - The Spinning TOP

Bird masks - celebrating our native birds and the Kereru bird of the year 2018.