Sunday, 16 February 2020

Term one in the Allen Centre!

Welcome back to the Allen Centre for Term One.  Here you will have a chance to view all the different activities and exciting challenges that we get up to here at Outram School.

The Edison Robots are back.  Children can code them to follow instructions, or use the bar code mats to play on.
They love to customise their robots with lego.

Minibeasts are back in the library.    Catching bugs, how to bug hunt around your house,  get close up with a bug and a microscope, and design your own bugs are all on offer this first few weeks.

Celebrating Chinese New Year!  The Year of the RAT!  Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.

The building challenges, both with materials and online,  continue to be well used during lunchtimes and library times.

Sketching is proving to be a really popular choice during class library times.

The board games and the logic games are all on offer this term in the Allen Centre.

Today, Harvey has got the Edison Robot following the torch.  He is the FIRST person to have got this working this year.  Well Done Harvey!!

Friday, 14 February 2020

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Master Chef 2019!

This term through the ACE programme, Room 6 is competing in their very own Master Chef!  The children will learn all about how to effectively participate and contribute within a group, and to a task.  The children will be making quick and easy recipes
 that their group has planned beforehand around a core ingredient.  Mrs. B will provide all the equipment and the base food requirement for that week.  Each group will plan, divvy up, and bring the remaining ingredients needed to make the winning entry!

The children are given buckets with everything they need in them, just like the real Mystery Box challenges.

The first session of our Master Chef competition was to decorate the most attractive cupcake trying to use no artificial colours or preservatives.  

Our next challenge is to create the perfect pastie. This Master Chef challenge is an invention test, and is designed to give the children something easy, and cheap to make, with an ingredient often found in most pantries - The Tortilla Wrap.  Wraps are inexpensive and versatile.  In this cook we replace pastry with a wrap instead.  
The children have discussed and decided whether their pastie is to be savoury or sweet.   
Mrs. B will supply the wraps, the egg wash from her free-range chickens, and a selection of mystery ingredients that the children can choose from on the day of the cook if they wish to.

Our last session of Master Chef is  ‘A good idea for the lunchbox’
This is split into 3 categories – either:
·      Uncooked Munchie 
·      A Warm-up
·      Something Sweet
The children have discussed which category they wish to enter into, and have decided on what it is they will make, and the ingredients have been divvyed up between the members of the group and Mrs B.

The children chose Sushi, Chocolate Brownie, Custard Squares, Pikelets, and Mini Doughnuts.  They were all very delicious.  However, the doughnuts took out first prize.

Paige Hodge is to be congratulated on all her dish washing efforts!!